I discovered my love for food at the age of 8 cooking with my grandmother. I got really into it and loved watching cookery on T.V, Ready Steady Cook  and The Naked Chef were absolute classics!

Jaime Oliver and Gordon Ramsay became my inspirations and at the age of 14 I started in working professional kitchens washing pots and pans. I got my first job as a trainee chef a year later. 

My determination to make cooking my career grew stronger as I spent my teens and 20s training. Eventually it paid off and I got a job working for luxury holiday company Scott Dunn.

It was the kick-start to my career as a private chef.

The succession of jobs since has led me to become the chef that I am today.  Passion drives me to excel for every guest and client.

Now I enjoy life at sea and on land and am finally in the position to travel and learn from great chefs all over the world. And I'm gonna' share that journey with you...


In between contracts working on luxury yachts and chalets I have made it my mission to experience working at 1 and 2 Michelin star restaurants around the world. I want to fill my time with time learning from the best chefs. 

I have had some amazing opportunities so far but am always looking for that next adventure. 

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